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The program is designed and conducted by Atul Kherde who has created special Thinking Skills Programs for a number of MNCs and corporates. These specially designed programs are fully action oriented and have reduced the training time from weeks to hours. He is presently MD of Thought-Craft Pvt. Ltd. engaged in guiding new businesses and entrepreneurs towards achieving scalability. He has travelled to over a dozen countries across four continents and trained and coached over 3000 corporate professionals in the last ten years.

Program Formats :

  • Guest lecture – A talk by Atul Kherde covering the essentials of creating a startup around core technical skills
  • -It explains different thinking skills and processes required to build a business around an idea or technology
  • StartUp101 – Workshop with complete thinking exercises of a full business cycle
  • -Four sessions of 3-4 hours each where participants actually take up an idea and drive it through the complete business cycle. This experience can enable them to repeat the thinking-cycle for fresh business ideas later
  • Mentoring Program - StartUp101 in action – hand-holding for start-ups
  • -A hand-holding program which takes participants through various stages of core idea development, evaluation and value engineering. It also addresses important issues like company-formation, funding, financing, and a host of other domains which crop up through the first year of business or one business cycle.

    About us is an activity of Thought-Craft Pvt. Ltd., a company engaged in helping organizations to scale up their operations. All our interventions are focused on helping participants to get into the ACTION ZONE. We have special training and coaching programs for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs which help them to embrace a growth mindset.

    For MNCs and Corporate we have also created customized training & development programs and delivered them in organizations like JP Morgan, Glenmark, Teradata, BNP Paribas, Flextronics, et al along with a host of other SMBs and smaller enterprises.


    This program was created to motivate and enable young minds to venture out in the Business domain - to make lasting wealth from their technical skills / ideas.

    Creating commercial success from a startup requires lots of thinking in different areas like strategic value management, value engineering, technology, operations, service management, relationships, business-framework, legal compliances, finance management, funding, company formation and management and a few more areas to which we are not familiar. All successful start-ups succeeded only on their strength to manage through all these areas without losing their core value. Many discover ‘on the journey’, learn through mistakes and move ahead. was designed as a thinking-skills workshop program for aspiring entrepreneurs. The program consists of a series of 4 sessions (of 3-4 hours each). Each session explains one area and produces a few questions for YOUR STARTUP. Participants have to think out the answers and incorporate them in the next session. The entire program gives the experience of thinking through one complete business cycle. Even if the idea gets changed, the thinking skills remain with participants who can use them on the next idea too. At the end of the program, participants will have the experience of going through one complete thinking cycle for a startup of their choice. Later they can use the same cycle whenever they want to startup their own business.


  • Captured all in four core areas in sequence:
  •   -Value Management – capturing business value

      -Value Generation – core value proposition

      -Value Production – creating deliverable value

      -Value Delivery – managing delivery of value

  • Four half-day sessions spread over 2-days
  • No gyan: DO these exercises for YOUR business
  • Derive actionable and take actions
  • Guiding principles

  • Primary Objective: establishing a business context around an idea / technology
  • How to realize :
  •    -Maximum business benefits from a

       -Finite technical vision

       -Driven by Customer needs which

       -Deliver direct business benefits to customers


  • When output increases in proportion to inputs, we have a scalable system
  • However, when operations scale up, we face an entirely different class of problems      which have no connection with the original competence
  • Doing more of the same thing will not make us better


    Let's start with a guest lecture. Interested?
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